The — db.c — provides strategy, market research, and content to the drone industry. competitive market intelligence on the topics impacting your business.

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We provide the following bespoke services.

  • Market Research
    We design, conduct and analyze a variety of primary research programs.
  • Content Creation
    With a library of 1,000 articles and access to a global team of industry experts, we are uniquely positioned to create content for your key initiatives.
  • Sales Channel Support
    Selling to enterprise customers requires a value-added content strategy to support prospect development as they move through the sales funnel. We can help you to refine your approach to lead qualification and proposal development and enhance your team’s consultative selling skills.
  • Events
    We have 45 years of experience designing and producing award-winning press conferences, product launches, trade show briefings and dealer meetings. We can support you from concept through execution.
  • Corporate UAS Operations
    Standing up an internal drone organization is a complex undertaking. We can develop industry background briefings to onboard your team. You can gather ideas from our survey on organizational best practices. And our experts can help you to develop the documentation to ensure consistent, compliant implementation.
  • Media Partnerships
    We are happy to help promote industry events. We like to be involved in creating and promoting unique content. Preference is given to opportunities for Christopher Korody or select team members to speak or moderate panels.

For a free consultation please contact:

Christopher Korody
o 575-758-7836
c 575-770-7337