…Caution is urged as to whether drones can be utilised in a sustainable manner where safety, privacy, and environmental concerns are properly considered. For drones to really take off, these questions need to be resolved.

Lost in all the hype is a deeper examination in the technology behind drones, and how surprisingly nascent it still is.

The UK must be futureproofed for drones. Openness to innovation must be balanced with a regulatory framework that instills trust and confidence in citizens. The likes of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) provides guidance on flying drones but we are still in the early stages. Rather than just panic and issue warnings such as no-fly zones, regulators need to be more proactive, getting ahead of the curve and making sure the UK is ready for potential issues before they arise. Comprehensive guidelines need to be laid down, understood and widely disseminated.

…2016 will be a year where drones remain an image of the future, a backyard toy that may promise a future revolution.

A sober look from the UK that focuses on the entire ecosystem that has yet to emerge bringing together manufacturers, software and the public interest.

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