Utah state capitolState Sen. Wayne Harper, a Republican from Taylorsville, proposed a bill that would allow law enforcement to “neutralize” drones, which could include shooting them, jamming their signals or convincing their operators to move them.

Harper’s proposal was debated Thursday by a legislative technology committee, but he postponed a vote following questions from the public. Included on that list: How could law enforcement tell the
difference between a recreational drone and a commercial drone when it’s hundreds of feet in the air?

Whether Harper’s bill will gain traction remains to be seen. Sen. Alvin Jackson, who chairs the technology committee, said most of Harper’s
proposal is already covered by state or federal law.

Cooler heads seem to be prevailing in Utah. Interesting tidbit in the story that the UT Public Safety folks have not yet had an incident where a shoot down would have been considered necessary.

From www.foxnews.com

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