Industry stakeholders – many of which were involved in the recommendation process – have released statements both commending and disapproving of what the FAA has come up with in preparation for a holiday season predicted to be flooded with new drone sales. (In alphabetical order – just to be fair.)

  • ALPA – “should be enforced at point-of-sale”
  • AMA – “unnecessary burden”
  • AUVSI – “small UAS rule is more important”
  • CTA – “$5 will hamper registration”
  • NASAO – “sharing registration information is adequate”
  • NBAA – “$5 fee could discourage many”
  • Small UAV Coalition – “250g threshold is unaccepatable, FAA rules must trump local rules”
Knock me over with a feather – who wudda thunk that $5 would be the bone of contention – of course the task force did not recommend it… So no one is really happy, the rule is still open for public comment and now we’ll see if anyone cares enough to bother to register. While we wait for Part 107. One has to wonder if the FAA will ever be able to assemble a similar task force to give them air cover.


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