The meditative feel of the video matches the experience of flying above the Norwegian mountains.

It’s been a big year for drones.

In 2016, there were technological breakthroughs from improved object avoidance to a drone that can carry people. Drones also become more accessible with DJI’s foldable Mavic Pro and almost Go Pro’s Karma, but the latter was recalled after battery issues caused some of them to fall from the sky. Then in August, the FAA unveiled a certification process for drone pilots to fly legally. As the number of drone pilots multiplied, drone videos showed us parts of the world not previously viewable in ways that would have required big budgets and production crews.

Here are a few of the most impressive videos that challenged our perspectives.

While I don’t agree with all of the choices, the crew at TIME did a great job showing the variety of things that are being done with drones. Beyond the dreamscape of Nordland which evokes ancient chronicles, they’ve included footage recording the devastation of Aleppo, the growth of the new Apple Campus 2, a Ford spot that could simply not be done any other way, a longest continuous shot that would have made John Houston proud and a whole new way of locking off a
camera overhead.



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