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Here is where to find the new ideas that will shape the future. There is some overlap with Business but as a rule pure research and start-ups are more likely to be here, whilst companies already actively going to market generally will be in Business.

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Grad Students Hack Parrots For Homework

A Johns Hopkins University computer security team says it is raising concerns about how easily hackers could cause consumer unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) to ignore their human controllers and crash. Lanier...
ISIS drones impact battlefield

ISIS Is Impacting The Battlefield With sUAS

"We should have been ready for this, and we weren't..." Kurdish forces fighting the Islamic State on the battlefield in northern Iraq last week shot down a small drone the size of...

Echo Voyager cuts the ties

"In 2011 we said, we need to come up with a capability that allows us to operate an autonomous underwater vehicle that does not require a surface ship,” said Lance Towers,...

In The Blink Of An Eye

The head of the University of Zurich’s Robotics and Perception Group, Professor Davide Scaramuzza, works at the intersection of computer vision and control—using cutting-edge sensors and algorithms to help terrestrial and...
Ad for NFZ boards

Hop A (Geo) Fence

Disable no-fly zone limitation mod Mod is easily integrated inside your Inspire 1. Just open upper cover, connect a couple of cables and your drone is ready. You can activate and configure...
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And Now The Sky Hack

Industrial facilities should be on guard against drones. Even off-the-shelf versions of the unmanned aircraft could be used to disrupt sensitive systems. On Wednesday, Jeff Melrose, a presenter at Black Hat 2016,...