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Here is where to find the new ideas that will shape the future. There is some overlap with Business but as a rule pure research and start-ups are more likely to be here, whilst companies already actively going to market generally will be in Business.

In Flight UAV Strike Testing In UK

In-Flight UAV Strike Testing In UK

Drones will be deliberately smashed into passenger jets as part of a radical testing programme triggered by fears of a catastrophe in British skies. Ministers ordered the tests after a series of...

DOI Partners With Industry To Geofence Wildfires

"We can make this information available to drone operators in near real-time." To address the growing problem of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) impeding wildland firefighting efforts, the U.S. Department of the Interior...
China data security and privacy

China’s e-Car Requirements Mean No Privacy

The Chinese are used to surveillance. Protecting privacy isn't that important to them. The small, gray box packs a punch. A pulsing red light indicates that a connection has been established....
ISIS drones impact battlefield

ISIS Is Impacting The Battlefield With sUAS

"We should have been ready for this, and we weren't..." Kurdish forces fighting the Islamic State on the battlefield in northern Iraq last week shot down a small drone the size of...
drone detection

More Companies Are Piling In To The UAV Countermeasures Market

To keep drones out of high-risk areas, companies try hijacking them and shooting them down - LA Times As private drone use has soared, so has concern about keeping the remote-controlled aircraft...

Need Help Picking An Online Drone Data Service?

Choosing the right service means choosing a trusted business partner. The good news is the current wave of development and innovation in online drone data services is focused on mapping and analytic...