If you’ve never visited Oregon, RISE will inspire, encourage, and impel you to… ASAP.

Epic coastal cliffs, dense evergreen forests, rushing streams, epic waterfalls and much more make their way into RISE, which Shainblum says he began filming back in 2015 (in case you think these types of videos come together in a weekend).

“As a landscape photographer/filmmaker, Oregon is a compositional wonderland from the rugged coast to the lush forests,” writes Shainblum. “It definitely has something to offer for anyone seeking a little bit of adventure.”

“This project started for me in 2015 when I first got into aerial photography,” says Shainblum. “I would take many road trips through Oregon gathering more and more footage, until my hard drives had over 16 hours of aerial content to sort through.” And from that 16 hours, filmed on both a Phantom 3 and Phantom 4, he curated and created RISE.

Michael Shainblum is a talented young guy who already has some major credits. He is also patient. It could have been cut a little shorter and the tracks definitely need work but his passion for the landscape and the unmistakable flavor of the terroir is right there – I found myself wanting to wipe the spray off the drone.
He is a skilled technician with a particular gift for timelapse. Check out his website for more exceptional imagery. And follow him @shainblum.
Love his tagline.

Just a man with a camera, living every day to create
something new.

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