portrait of Dick Zhang, CEO
Dick Zhang, CEO Identified Technologies

“All that we have accomplished can be traced to the support and collaborative approach of Pittsburgh’s start-up community. We are grateful to be a part of it.”

Identified Technologies has been named an Entrepreneur Magazine ’Brilliant 100 Company’ and one of the publication’s ‘Top 10 Tech Companies to Watch’
for 2016.

Entrepreneur chose Identified Technologies for its Boomerang aerial mapping drone and SiteIQ system. The startup’s unique robotics and data analytics tools allow industrial companies to automatically gather construction project progress in minutes instead of months, for continuous insights that reduce costs, injuries, and delays.

Identified Technologies has found its market niche in using self-piloting drones to quickly and accurately perform near real-time aerial site mapping and monitoring that traditionally has been done by manned helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft, or ground level survey crews. These expensive or slow options often forced companies to risk using outdated and inaccurate information.

Zhang founded Identified Technologies in 2013 while studying mechanical engineering at the University of Pennsylvania, where he was involved with the school’s General Robotics, Automation, Sensing and Perception Laboratory and its research into small unmanned aerial vehicles. Since then, Zhang has raised 3.5 million in funding led by Birchmere Ventures.

“We have built a very talented and dedicated team here at Identified Technologies. This recognition is a reflection of all of their hard work and commitment to build a product that best serves our ever-growing client base,” said Identified Technologies CEO Dick Zhang.

I remember when my first agency was named to the Inc. 500. It’s a great feeling. This is a nice win for this team. There is a tremendous technology base in Pennsylvania with a long history in robotics.
The team at Identified have done a very good job of focusing on a niche, understanding customer needs and developing a highly integrated solution. In this regard, they are similar to Kespry who also focuses on the construction industry and an autonomous solution. While perhaps not offering the same level of integration, the recent Autodesk investment in 3DR to develop their SiteScan product similarly provides a high level of integration to the construction industry. Clearly there is opportunity in them there hills…
In their recent report, Beating the low-productivity trap: How to transform construction operations from McKinsey, the authors note that one of the major challenges facing construction companies is the:

Failure to adapt to new technology. Some companies have tried to adopt innovative productivity-enhancing methods, such as advanced 5-D building-information modeling (BIM) and the collection of data from drones and construction workers’ smartphones. Most companies, however, have legacy systems and unique requirements for budgets, planning, and operations, so change is difficult.

In his new whitepaper for BZ Media, The Truth about Drones in Construction and Infrastructure Inspection, Colin Snow from Skylogic Research offers this assessment:

The challenge here is everyone in the architecture, engineering, and construction industries will have to learn to work in fundamentally new ways. Using drones is a whole new paradigm.

Still, the opportunity for Identified Technologies and their competitors is huge. Just consider this headline from another McKinsey article:

The Construction Productivity Imperative

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