choosing an online drone data service
Graphic from article – Skylogic

Choosing the right service means choosing a trusted business partner.

The good news is the current wave of development and innovation in online drone data services is focused on mapping and analytic solutions that drone business service providers can use to help customers solve real world problems – problems like infrastructure decay, crop yields, stockpile inaccuracies, improper construction sequencing, mining site logistics, etc.

With so many choices, it can seem hard to know which one you should use. What advantage does one have over another?

Unfortunately, the answers are not simple.  A lot depends on your business model, your target market, what functions you need, and quite frankly how much you are willing to spend.  With that in mind, I’ll outline below some simple criteria to help you evaluate the various web-based mapping and imaging services for drones.

Know your business objectives — Make sure that provider is fully committed to understanding the use case and the industry vertical you serve.

Know who’s behind the curtain – Enterprises should ask hard questions about the portability of their data to avoid lock-in or potential loss if the business fails.

Pay attention to security, not just cost — Unfortunately, comparing vendors’ costs and security prowess isn’t always easy.

Check the box – When people ask me what’s the best drone service my answer is always “the one that best meets your particular requirements.”

Check their speeds and feeds – This might matter more to your client than to you.

While written from the perspective of a drone service provider, this list is equally appropriate to an in-house manager or team. There are a number of lists in the article, including a list of 17 online service providers and another of 15 types of services, so if you are in the market you’ll want to read the entire article.


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