Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

A drone came within 5 meters (16 feet) of a potentially catastrophic collision with an Air France jet landing at Paris Charles de Gaulle airport in the closest encounter yet between one of the remotely operated devices and a civil airliner.

The Airbus Group SE A320, which can carry 150 people, was arriving from Barcelona on Feb. 19 at a height of 1,600 meters when the pilot saw the drone on the plane’s left-hand side. He quickly disconnected the autopilot and took avoiding action, according to the BEA, the French air-accident investigator.

As the number of so-called air-proximity incidents increases, pilots are lobbying for drones to be safely integrated into public airspace or banned, with the British Airline Pilots Association calling in January for a registration system so that rogue drone operators can be more easily traced and prosecuted.

The incident comes on the heels of some very forceful commentary from the British Airline Pilots Association calling not only for registration but for impact testing. Quite a lengthy article. Given that people are dumb enough (callous enough? adrenaline fueled enough?) to do stuff like this, it is hard for me to imagine that registration has anything to do with solving the problem.
No chance this pilot sees a tiny number and records it whilst disengaging the autopilot and taking evasive maneuvers. Detection systems like CACI, supported by stiff sentences is the only thing that will be effective at deterring bozos.

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