Throwing yourself head first off a cliff face is not something many people would have the courage to do, but these guys make it look easy. This stunning footage of a crazy bunch of BASE jumpers leaping from the edge of a cliff in Norway was masterfully captured using a drone and gives a fresh perspective on just how these stunts are performed.

The team of ten jumped from Kjerag, Lysefjord in Forsand, Norway. Their location might look familiar as it’s home to Kjeragbolten, the iconic photo spot where people balance on a boulder suspended 984-metres (3,228 ft) over an abyss.

The footage, captured from a DJI Phantom 3 Pro, shows just how far the group dived before deploying their parachutes.

Watching these BASE jumpers casually walk over the edge and drop hundreds of feet is equal parts terrifying and awe-inspiring; this drone’s eye view provides a refreshing new angle on BASE jumping when compared to the ubiquitous POV helmet camera.

WARNING This video is not recommended for those who suffer from vertigo or acrophobia (fear of heights.) On the other hand if you like cliff diving, rock climbing, aerobatics or other extreme exposure sports, you’re gonna love this.


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