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Dronin’ On is the name of the DroneBusiness.center weekly commentary and news summary. In this section you will find every edition of the newsletter, as well as longer blog posts by Christopher Korody and guest posts.

The Celebrating 50,000 RPICs issue of Dronin’ On 08.05.17

Hi all – A short issue this week so we can all go out and play. As expected, the House left town without bringing AIRR to the floor. An editorial by Rep. Tom...
sunset photo of rain over mountains

‘Cramming For The Test’ Edition of Dronin’ On 08.27.16

Hi all – What else could we possibly talk about this week but the last minute flurry of FAA activity before the first day of Part 107 testing August 29 2016. But...

The Moral Dilemma Of Autonomous Technology

Do you run the child over or swerve into a tree, which could kill you and your passenger? It sounds like a test to determine someone's level of psychopathy, but it's actually...

The ‘Not an Issue’ issue of Dronin’ On 07.07.18

Hi All - As previously disclosed, no issue this week. Until I changed my mind and felt the need for a quickie. While I failed in my effort to shut down the local...

Red tape is keeping the US UAV business from the finish line

Why is the FAA lagging? A big part of the answer has to do with changes in the rulemaking process that conservatives themselves have helped bring about. Since at least the 1970s, right-leaning...

The ‘Pioneers’ issue of Dronin’ On 10.20.18

Paul G. Allen 1953-2018, RIP As many of you know, I worked for Apple Computer back when people didn’t know they needed a personal computer. Seriously. It wasn’t all that long ago. Along...