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Dronin’ On is the name of the DroneBusiness.center weekly commentary and news summary. In this section you will find every edition of the newsletter, as well as longer blog posts by Christopher Korody and guest posts.

Part 107 The Sum Of Its Parts

Part 107: The Sum Of Its Parts

Hi all – The big news this week was the press conference announcing Part 107. Oh and Brexit. Good thing that the FAA went first, would have been hard to get any...

The Yakuza Drone Wars

A pretty hysterical 4-panel cartoon From imgur.com

The Counter Drone Conundrum

This is the first in a series of guest posts dealing with various aspects of CUAS implementation. The drone security problem is one of the most vexing security issues facing public and...

SPECIAL EDITION – 7 Forces Transforming the FAA and the UAV Industry

Hi all – I founded the DroneBusiness.center (db.c) to advise clients about the ideas and issues that are impacting the development of the commercial drone business. Coming into the drone business from the...

Remove The TFR Over Standing Rock

In essence, a "giant tarp" has been laid over Standing Rock, allowing law enforcement to act with impunity and without any witnesses. The FAA has imposed a 4-nautical mile Temporary Flight...

GoPro Reboots Its Karma, The FAA Not So Much

Karma refers to the spiritual principle of cause and effect where intent and actions of an individual (or in this case a company) influence its future. Unless you've been hiding under a...

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