New Mexico State Representative Larry A. Larrañaga In First Person Googles

A group recently flew their own quadcopter inside the New Mexico State Capitol (known as “The Roundhouse”) in support of House Bill 64, introduced by James E. Smith, a teacher whose district covers a swath of New Mexico’s eastern mountains. Wearing the goggles is Albuquerque Representative Larry A. Larrañaga, whose district includes the the Albuquerque Academy, a distinguished
private school.

The bill calls for $400,000 to be spent by the board of regents of Eastern New Mexico University to support robotics programs for youth from third through twelfth grade, culminating in a robotics competition. (New Mexico, as you may recall, is fond of
robot competitions.)

Aside from being one of many bizarre moments in the Land of Enchantment’s long history of them, the drone flight may be the first time in American history that such a craft has been piloted through a hall of government. Captured by official cameras, the video quality isn’t great — but the flight itself is pretty remarkable.

Certainly one way make the point. No word on whether the bill was funded. BTW if you think this is a bit extreme for $400K you don’t know  how strapped the schools in New Mexico are. But sad to say I don’t think this ones gets first flight bragging rights, I suspect that happened in DC.
UPDATE Got a nice email today (11/22/16)

Hey there-

I wanted to make a quick correction on the popsci article that you reposted.

Unfortunately, the article is incorrect- my team was actually the first in the nation to fly a drone inside a state capitol building- over three years ago.

This can be verified with legislative administration at the Oregon State Capitol.



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