Sentinel satellite image
Sentinel satellite image

There are places for robots on the farm, its just finding the right one.

I know this is only 10m resolution, but it has the major advantage of being free. I was very unpopular when I mentioned it at an Ag conference last year. I signed up then to access the data, but as might be expected could make very little of it because I don’t know what I’m doing.

Too many people are hawking ag services to farmers that are only a page or two ahead of me in any manual. A busy farmer will quickly call them out if their expensive service does not meet over hyped expectations.

The billy bulldust reports that triggered the rush to Ag drones, and the people that commissioned them should hang their heads in shame.

Exaggeration and malarkey are two of the themes this week. Haven’t met Gary Mortimer yet but am rapidly becoming a fan of his keen, oh what shall we call it? Ah yes, cynicism. It meshes nicely with Patrick Egan’s view of snake oil in the industry.
This bit of insight is followed by an informative press release about the Sentinel satellites which are part of the EU Copernicus program. And yes indeed, images are available for free if you have the smarts to interpret them – which as always brings us back to data, software and the real future.