chart illustrating Gartner 2016 Hype Cycle
from the Gartner press release

The Gartner Hype Cycle so far seems to be one of the better indicators to follow in the overheated drone market.

With the FAA rolling out Part 107 commercial drone rules at the end of this month things are about to get busy in the US drone world.

It will be much easier to operate platforms under 55lbs and vendors are lining up to oversell.

I foresee a rush to market for many people that don’t really understand what they are offering. A drone is a fantastic tool for various established experts in different fields. Inspection and surveying being around the world the most lucrative.

The people doing the best at this understand their market having already worked in it.

Getting actionable data out is easier because they know the data and tolerances the focus industry requires.

If you are entering an industry just because your software tells you there are outputs for it. Life might be harder. The only way to compete against incumbents with a drone is on price. That never works out well.

I think the trough of disillusionment will arrive faster than Gartner predict.

I suppose that Gary is an acquired taste – sadly I’ve acquired it. There is some good stuff to go along with this including a whole new host of concepts that will keep your neurons nimble:

The perceptual smart machine age: Smart machine technologies will be the most disruptive class of technologies over the next 10 years due to radical computational power, near-endless amounts of data, and unprecedented advances in deep neural networks that will allow organizations with smart machine technologies to harness data in order to adapt to new situations and solve problems that no one has encountered previously. Enterprises that are seeking leverage in this theme should consider the following technologies: Smart Dust, Machine Learning, Virtual Personal Assistants, Cognitive Expert Advisors, Smart Data Discovery, Smart Workspace, Conversational User Interfaces, Smart Robots, Commercial UAVs (Drones), Autonomous Vehicles, Natural-Language Question Answering, Personal Analytics, Enterprise Taxonomy and Ontology Management, Data Broker PaaS (dbrPaaS), and Context Brokering.

BTW the little blue dot suggests that UAVs are 5-10 years out from mainstream adoption.


read the Gartner press release


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