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Recent developments related to the autonomous operation of UAVs along with new solutions that challenge the status quo of the drone industry prove that the future of UAV technology is being defined in the present.

In this report, experts from across the industry lay out their insights on upcoming acquisitions and partnerships, whether more companies will look to “build or outsource” their drone implementations and what kind of impact we’ll see with the rise of autonomous fleets of drones. Among the featured experts are:

  • Christopher Korody, Founder,
  • Anil Nanduri, VP & GM for the Intel Drone Group
  • Josh Olds, President and Co-Founder, Unmanned Safety Institute
  • Svilen Rangelov, CEO and Co-Founder, Dronamics
  • Mariah Scott, President, Skyward, A Verizon Company
  • Michael Singer, CEO of DroneView Technologies
  • Ian Smith, Host, Commercial Drones FM podcast
  • Randall Warnas, Global sUAS Segment Leader, FLIR

Thanks to Jeremiah Karpowicz and CUAV News for including me. I am honored to be included in this group. You can download the report here.

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