Google ChromeScreenSnapz078The Austin Fire Department is excited to embark on a pilot project together with leaders in research and industry to explore the feasibility of the use of robotics in real-time emergency
incident management.

Our goal is ultimately to enhance firefighter safety and the effectiveness of the emergency response capabilities we provide to our citizens. The department has supported the development of the first fire department robotics program in the country, called the Robotic Emergency Deployment(RED) Team.

Our team has begun testing the the current generation of air, ground and maritime robotic platforms with the goal of establishing an industry standard for what will be the first generation of rescue specific robotics. Working with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), we are helping to develop the International Standard Test Methods for Response Robots; test methods that measure both robot and operator capabilities.

Love the way these guys are going after it with a very broad use case. Excellent website if this is a vertical you are interested in.


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