Title for the infographic
Title for the infographic

Ultimately, requirements will vary depending on project objectives, operator experience and budget. Unmanned Systems Source have detailed a number of factors that should be considered:

Fixed-wing UAVs are generally better suited for rural environments and are work horses for many commercial and scientific applications. Though they may not offer the manoeuvrability of a multi-rotor UAV, when it comes to flight times and coverage, fixed wing drones excel.

The use of multi-rotor UAVs has exploded in recent years in large part due to their affordability and ease of use. But multi-rotor advantages certainly extend beyond these two points.

Ultimately, the choice between a multi-rotor or fixed-wing UAV for a specific application depends on a variety of factors. Understanding the strengths and limitations of each vehicle goes a long way in helping inform your decision.

There are some additional interesting points. Admittedly a bit simplistic but adding it in so it is available to someone pondering this question.

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