Google ChromeScreenSnapz108#6 Drone lanes
In 2015, two drones inadvertently prevented firefighters from putting out a rapidly spreading California wildfire, which crossed over onto a freeway and destroyed a dozen vehicles. Currently, the FAA does not allow drones to fly near the airspace of airports — but while there are no-fly zones, there aren’t no-fly circumstances.

From the Valley to DC, everyone will be talking in 2016 about whether or not the airspace should be regulated for hobbyists and commercial drone pilots, which will prompt difficult conversations between technologists, researchers, drone manufacturers, businesses and the aviation industry, since each has an economic stake in the future of unmanned vehicles return.

I anticipate the sky being divided soon: hobbyist pilots will have access to operate UMVs in the 200 and below space, while businesses and commercial pilots will gain exclusive access to 200-400 feet zone overhead.

On the same list with backdoors, glitches and quantum computing.


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