insurancejournal-fbSince launching the last April, Zurich Canada has issued “a number of policies and seen a steady stream of interest” from its customers who are involved in using drones. “We want to support our customers that wish to embrace new technologies by helping them understand and protect themselves from the risks the new technologies create,” said Urs Uhlmann, CEO, Global Corporate, Zurich Canada.

He added that “the white paper Hovering Over Opportunities: Managing risk with drones, and managing drone risk lays out some of the big issues that our customers need to think about as they move into this area.” These include:

• Drone use in the civil and commercial sectors is expected to grow exponentially. UAS industry groups predict that the global drone market will be fast approaching US$100 billion in 10 years from now.

• Using drones for risk management can save lives and save money. Drones are well-suited for a wide variety of risk management tasks that involve visual inspection, surveillance and reconnaissance.

• Operating a drone is a serious aviation activity. For many companies, the staffing, skills and operational procedures required to operate a drone safely may lie outside its core competencies. Operator training, along with maintenance and safety procedures, borrowed from the aviation industry, is important starting points for mitigating drone risk.

For those of you who missed it, Zurich began using their regular commercial agents to offer UAV coverage to their existing accounts in key verticals like agriculture, energy and forestry. Global Aerospace provides the cover. At the time I said this was a very smart idea since it leverages the relationships in a way that aviation brokers cannot.

You can download the white paper here.

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