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The Year in Drone Video: Real Estate, Architecture, and Cities An obsession with perspective isn’t anything new to architecture, but increasingly, there’s a new point of view that’s changing our views of real estate, design and buildings. The proliferation of drones, which motivated the FAA to open an online registry earlier this month, has been cited as a game-changer for everything from real estate (more eye-popping tours) and construction (better site evaluation) to architecture and travel.

The myriad new business opportunities that these small copters and unmanned vehicles provide suggests that, even with regulation stumbling through its infancy, drones aren’t coming down anytime soon. Here’s some of our favorite footage of the year that showcases the potential for innovation and inspiration that comes from this relatively new type of videography.

A  nicely curated collection with a lot of surprising pieces and applications as well as favorites like the Tesla factory and the Apple campus.

From www.uavexpertnews.com

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