TOP20 VC-funded drone companies

Some of the world’s top industrial firms (such as Qualcomm, Intel, GE, and Boeing) have already invested in startups focused on drone technology, and the industry is already heating up as both venture capitalist and international firms jostle to invest their funds in the most attractive startups.

In  2014, 29 deals worth $108 million were made and in 2015 74 deals worth $450 million transpired. Following this trend, the VC investments may approach $1 billion in 2016. So yes, apparently the rush will continue – bigger and more vigorous
than before!

Someday some of these companies will be pure plays in the drone space. Also be sure to see the list of Top 20 Drone Startups for 2016. If you’re not familiar with, they are German market research firm. Well worth your time to check out their website.


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