Now, the big question is: is the trailer any good? You can decide for yourself.

IBM Watson can add yet another skill to its resume: the ability to make movie trailers. 20th Century Fox has tapped into the supercomputer’s powers to create the first AI-made trailer for its upcoming thriller film Morgan. It’s a fitting start for Watson’s trailer-making career. Morgan is, after all, a sci-fi flick about a group of scientists who created a humanoid machine that rapidly gained capabilities and went out of control.

To train the computer for the task, IBM Research scientists fed it 100 horror movie trailers cut into separate “moments” or scenes. Watson then performed visual, audio and composition analysis on each scene to develop an idea of what people find scary. After that was done, the team fed it all 90 minutes of Morgan to find the right moments to include in the trailer. Watson instantly zeroed in on 10 scenes totaling six minutes of footage. A human editor still had to arrange the scenes to tell a coherent story, but Watson’s involvement shortened the process to 24 hours. Trailers typically take 10 days to a month to complete.

So this made me think. What if Watson could analyze flights. Or crashes. Or watch a student practice on a simulator. Or study FPV feeds. Might be pretty cool.

Might redefine sense and avoid…



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