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Here you will find a wide range of use cases (aka case studies) that are intended to be useful to people developing presentations, business plans and articles on all things drone. Also handy for some quicky competitive market research.

UAV Coach Launches Their Second Scholarship Program

UAV Coach has always been first and foremost about education. This college scholarship, along with the high school scholarship we launched last year, fit perfectly into our mission of providing training...

A Forest Idyll

“When you look down, the colors are more dense. You see much more of them at once.” This is a beautiful portfolio of images by a Danish photographer, Michael B. Rasmussen. Sweet...

National Geographic Captures A Great White

How do you capture a photo of a wild, people-averse, flighty great white shark in the murky green waters off of Cape Cod? If you’re NatGeo photographer Brian Skerry, you pull out...
Iraaqi soldier flies drone over ISIS position

When Toys Go To War

“They’ve come here to buy drones before. I don’t know why. Those drones aren’t particularly effective or useful. They’re toys.” When Isis overran Mosul and Tikrit two years ago, Iraqis who had...

Fully Automated Wind Turbine Solution

Air Inspect,an aerial inspection and survey specialist combining unmanned aerial vehicles and software-based damage-detection, was unveiled today at the EWEA Wind Power Conference 2015 in Paris. The revolutionary new approach can inspect all 3 blades and deliver a...

Drones Map Stunning Island For Science

 A team of drone pilots has made an unusual, crystal clear map of a protected coral atoll that scientists are now using to count sharks and turtles and measure the physical changes...