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Here you will find a wide range of use cases (aka case studies) that are intended to be useful to people developing presentations, business plans and articles on all things drone. Also handy for some quicky competitive market research.

power lines

We Are One Step Closer To Every Lineman Carrying A Drone

“Hovering in a helicopter with people in it is one of the riskier things you can do right next to a transmission line.” Electric utilities across the U.S. are wasting no time...
Implementation of a Commercial Drone Strategy

What Is Your Commercial Drone Implementation Strategy?

There’s simply nothing like showcasing the reality of what it means for an individual or organization to actually use drones. Being able to discuss the challenges and concerns that relate to the...

Andy Yeung Looks Down On Hong Kong Highrises

Hong Kong is a densely populated city where high-rises are crammed close together and where an estimated 100,000+ people live in 40-square-foot cubicle apartments. Photographer Andy Yeung used a drone to...

A Decision Making Model For UAV Implementation

To make the right decisions it is important to define the results you need. Therefore you can use the inverse decision-making process . After the initial question if you want to hire...

Martek To Begin Offshore Ocean Drone Monitoring

CEO Paul Luen said the drones, which feature thermal imaging cameras, would be sent 50km offshore. "To carry out this work so far offshore it has to be able to fly for...

Zipline’s UAV delivery air force

A startup called Zipline will use a fleet of long-distance drones to airdrop precious blood and medicines to remote medical facilities across Rwanda. The potentially life-saving project hints at the potential...