UPDATE: After breaking the story here in Forbes that the FAA was seeking to create a web-based reporting system for people to report “suspicious” drone activity, many in the drone community took to social media to decry what some considered a drone witch hunt and others an invitation to report UFOs. The pressure apparently worked and today the FAA announced that it was withdrawing its request for a new drone reporting system stating ” the Notice and request for comments contained errors; therefore the Notice and request for comments is [sic] being withdrawn.”

Good job John Goglia – I am going to take this as an example of the power of the press. In case you missed it, last week John broke a story that the FAA was seeking public comment on the creation of a new website to a web-based data collection system for the public to report “airborne and ground based observations by the public of drone behavior that they consider suspicious or illegal.”
John didn’t think it was a very good idea, and apparently a lot of other people
didn’t either.




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