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According to a new report from a consultant to the Canadian military, the next technological frontier for oceanic crime could be drones.

The report, written by a strategic analyst for the Canadian military named David Rudd, notes that drones could be used for “surveillance” and “possibly weapons delivery,” which would give maritime non-state actors, or MNSAs, as they’re known, a long-range advantage.

Rudd quotes one academic as saying, “For the first time, nonstate adversaries would have an air force.” He notes that this kind of “super-empowerment” could occur through the transfer of military tech or with commercially available gadgets. Either way, drones could spell trouble for militaries policing the open water.

Oh the wonders. What would Captain Jack Sparrow do with a quiver of Phantoms?
I found this to be a thought-provoking article. Never mind terrorists, if a Somali pirate can buy a drone, then just about anyone who seeks to avoid or evade and has the wit to think of it can also buy a drone. Drone detection will be a very good business.


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