This UAV is equipped with TopFlight’s AdvanceAutopilot System that and calibrates the propulsion system fuel system which includes a 5000W rated (6000W peak) hybrid engine, 3 gallon tank and 16,000 mAh LiPo battery. The UAV can operate in manual, semi-autonomous or fully autonomous mode and includes an onboard flight data recorder, with a RC remote with 2-mile max range, and a Top Flight 8 mega-pixel gimbaled camera with high-definition downlink.

True Serial Hybrid Power Integration Top Flight is the first company to successfully demonstrate true serial hybrid power integration into multi-rotors at industry disruptive price points. The Top Flight Hybrid Propulsion Engine™ has a demonstrated world record of 2.5+ hours with 1 gallon of gasoline and removes numerous challenges for UAV business uses.Watch the video to learn more about the Airborg Hybrid features.

Had to happen – the manufacturer is claiming that gasoline provides an 8x advantage over LiPo. Talk about trading one fire hazard for another….


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