Two Illinois Representatives, Rodney Davis and Cheri Bustos, introduced an amendment on Thursday to a federal bill that would let companies fly drones weighing less than 4.4 pounds for commercial purposes without FAA approval.

The amendment, which was attached to the FAA’s budget bill, would ease rules that currently require all commercial drone operators to get an FAA certification or waiver. It would carve out an exemption for small drones, making it easier for businesses to use unmanned aerial vehicles for photography, checking downed power lines, and monitoring crops.

“This commonsense amendment will remove bureaucratic red tape and allow for the responsible use of small drones,” said Davis in a statement. “This new classification will spur innovation and help small manufacturers like Horizon Hobby, which specializes in manufacturing drones for agriculture use, expand and create jobs.”

Hard to imagine this going very far – these are the same guys who just got Hobby King on the ARC… wow.



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