The majority of people who buy a DJI product are already invested in the Apple ecosystem, and use Apple devices to control, shoot and edit aerial footage from DJI drones, making the new partnership between the two companies a natural fit.

Michael Perry, director strategic partnerships at DJI, explained that most of DJI’s customers are already Apple product users. Beyond the iPhone and iPad — which allow for controlling and viewing live footage from the Phantom series — he also noted that Apple apps like Final Cut Pro and even iMovie are the go-to editing choices for many DJI customers.

It’s a nice fit for DJI for sure – definitely brands them as the one. You have to wonder if they will get noticed on the Apple website – I had to use the search function to find a very minimal listing – if I were DJI I would want a much grander showcase for my new world beater. See more of the whole launch on the #ElevateImagination feed.


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