9feb20163So far in the drone debates, we’ve heard lots of bluster from both sides, plus regulations (not laws) being issued, plus threats and counter-threats, fists at the ready, gnashing of teeth, but little else in the way of definitive action, like someone getting sued.

With so much money at play in the drone controversy, it’s surprising that litigants haven’t been streaming into court going toe-to-toe with each other before a judge. It’s strangely un-American. That’s all going to change this year.

Look for 2016 to offer up long lines of litigants waiting for the gavel to come down on a host of potential drone-related lawsuits. After all, it’s the American way: sue the bums!

This is a mock suit and rebuttal between the International Football League and Spy Film Studios. Pretty dry – except for the copy above – but it offers up a good review of all the issues including that very special crowd pleaser – the FAA’s rules are illegal. Just follow the link, there is no download.

From roboticsbusinessreview.com

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