19feb20162Intel has set its sights on the drone market and has already made its presence known. In just the last
year, the chip giant has made several investments in some leading drone makers, including Yuneec, Airware, Precisionhawk and
Ascending Technologies.

Intel is partnering with these firms to advance its bleeding-edge 3D RealSense camera, which enables drones to recognize and react to
their environments. It is powerful enough to read a person’s blood pressure from the air, and it is sensitive enough to avoid collisions with anything around it.

Intel amazed the CES crowd with a couple of demonstrations. In one, several Ascending Technologies drones were launched in a small stage area and managed to fly in close proximity without hitting each other. In another futuristic demonstration, a Yuneec drone with a 3D Real Sensor fixed its gaze on a bike rider and managed to avoid a falling tree without ever losing track of the bike rider.

Competition is a good thing right? In the drone business, the companies who are able to combine reliability and low cost with high value sensors will be the winners right?
SO… Sensors are chips. Intel makes chips.
See how this is going to work?

From www.uavexpertnews.com

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