Frank Wang DJI founder in park with drone
Frank Wang

In the annals of technology it’s not often that one company can grab a dominant position in a market as it makes the leap from hobbyist to mainstream.

Kodak caught that rogue wave with cameras. Dell and Compaq caught it with PCs and GoPro with action cameras. Drone skeptics may have laughed at Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ vow to use UAVs to deliver packages, but drones are becoming a big deal.

Says Frank Wang, DJI’s founder “I appreciate Steve Jobs’ ideas, but there is no one I truly admire,” he says in his native Mandarin. “All you need to do is to be smarter than others–there needs to be a distance from the masses. If you can create that distance, you will be successful.

Got to love the picture. This is an in-depth, well researched story on the founder of DJI. Wonderful portrait too!


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