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“7 Key Considerations Before Taking your Drone Operation to the Sky,” helps executives define the questions that their organization needs to answer incorporating unmanned aircraft systems (UAS).

Use of commercial drones brings a host of complicated business requirements – particularly if you’re trying to integrate them into an existing enterprise to capture aerial data while maintaining compliance with
FAA regulations.

“It’s not as simple as buying a drone for a few hundred dollars and just using it for your business,” says Janet Ahlgren, chief operating officer of SmartC2.

“We are constantly being asked by corporations to help them think through the intricate process of safely integrating drones into their business infrastructure. This guide is one way we can help them mitigate risks and implement safe, efficient and compliant
drone operations.”

This is a smart paper that will help a lot of executives trying to make sense of UAVs for their business. Education is part and parcel of being in an emerging market, and is central to thought leadership.


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