unmanned-aerial.comThe Small UAV Coalition recently welcomed telecommunications company T-Mobile, retail giant Walmart and humanitarian aid group Linking the World as new
associate members.

Last year, Walmart reportedly applied for Federal Aviation Administration authorization to operate a fleet of
delivery drones.

T-Mobile has been busy with unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) in the Netherlands, where it deploys an Aerialtronics drone for antenna inspections.

In 2014, Linking the World was awarded a cash prize from the Drone User Group Network, NEXA Capital Partners and the UAS America Fund for a project focused on using UAS for disaster response.

Neatly and quickly done. Walmart, with their enormous numbers of stores within five miles of most US homes, has been very clear about their interest in drone delivery. One supposes that makes them a frenemy with fellow coalition member Amazon.
T-Mobile made news by buying a fleet and training their own pilots to inspect 5,000 cell towers in the Netherlands. One would assume that they have a keen understanding of the ROI and are eager to apply their lessons learned to their
US network.

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