The Small UAV Coalition takes issue, however, with the recommendation for a registration threshold of 250 g, as a weight threshold of 1 kg is consistent with other countries’ registration and similar
safety requirements.

Also, the group says that extending the registration requirement to UAS over 250 g that could reasonably be considered toys could undermine the credibility of the process and detract from the FAA’s mission of using the registration requirement to promote safety, education and accountability.

Additionally, the Small UAV Coalition urges the FAA to include a provision in the interim final rule to preempt state and local small UAS registration requirements. Consumers will be more likely to accept the FAA registration requirement if they are required to register only with the FAA and not any state or local government, which have no authority to govern or regulate the operation of aircraft, whether manned or unmanned, in national airspace, the group says.

Moreover, according to the coalition, duplicative state and local registration requirements would not be in line with the task force’s suggestion of a simple, free and easy registration process.

This is no surprise – it is consistent with Amazon’s previously stated wish to not have to deal with any local regulations for Prime Air operations. And it makes a lot of sense for anyone who operates on a national level, crosses state lines, looks for economies of scale and so forth.


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