Cover, Skyward Guide To Drone Operations

From agriculture to telecommunications and from industrial construction to film production, we’re seeing major corporations, small businesses, and individuals using drones to save time, improve safety, and run efficiently.

In some countries, such as Japan, drones have been used commercially for at least 15 years. But in other countries, such as the United States, where commercial drones are still on the verge of launching, business leaders and executives may feel as if they’re starting from scratch. First-time entrepreneurs have the added challenge of handling all the logistics of starting a new business.

Setting up a highly professional, low-risk commercial drone operation requires serious consideration and advance planning:

• Which aircraft will you invest in?

• How will you train and manage your pilots, and ensure that they fly safely?

• How will you meet regulatory requirements in your jurisdiction?

• Is your operating process efficient? Will it scale as you grow?

• Will you be able to meet customers’ expectations and turn a profit?

• Do you already have the foundational elements of an aviation business (such as general operating manual & operational checklists), or will you need to create them?

The Guide is very well done and provides a rigorous, checklist oriented approach to operations. It demands a look whether you are selling products or services, are responsible for implementation of a program or are starting your own drone business. No surprise, it does an excellent job demonstrating how Skyward’s applications make it all work better. It’s free in exchange for the usual minimal contact information.
There is an eye-opening section on insurance: “Currently, insurance providers are insuring commercial drone companies for up to $500 million in liability and up to $10 million in hull damage.”  Since Skyward offers insurance, I guess they know.

Read more and download the guide at

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