Are the skies closing to dronography
Liberty Statue, Budapest, Hungary.© Amos Chapple

“For that year, when the whole world was open, it was just a case of hitting famous landmarks and moving as quickly as possible. The window has definitely shut now.”

In 2013, when the first consumer drones began arriving on the market, photographer Amos Chapple knew he needed one. After purchasing a drone, he traveled the world photographing famous landmarks — before some governments had time to roll out regulations on drone use. Now, with drone use illegal in many of these locations, his collection of beautiful drone images are some of the only aerial photos of their kind.

The premise is that as a result of the FAA’s ruling making commercial dronography illegal, the entire world followed suit. Whether it is an accurate statement or not, it is a handsome portfolio mostly from Russia and India along with some interesting commentary by the photographer on the advantages of drones
over helicopters.
A Kiwi, Amos Chapple is clearly a gifted photographer. For more of his work, visit
his website



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