One of the biggest stumbling blocks to widespread unmanned aerial systems operation is situational awareness, especially in the United States, which has the busiest airspace in the world.  One company, however, argues that  providing situational awareness is just a big data and analytics challenge.

Simulyze, an operational intelligence and technology application company, can trace its roots in UAS operations to its work with the military post-9/11.  It’s now expanding its software, which has been used by the military for the last 16 years, to target the UAS marketplace because “it has a very similar problem set,” Simulyze CEO and President Kevin Gallagher told GCN.

The Mission Insight software now being applied to the commercial UAS sector fuses various data streams together as a means of providing a common operating picture for operational intelligence and situational awareness.  “We process all the data about the platform, what the sensor is, where it’s looking, how fast it’s going, where it’s at,” Gallagher said.

You’ve got to love their experience doing this for military and intelligence customers. The big difference here is that the volume will be much higher.
The big question is how the software acquires these tiny targets. It seems that for all this to work every drone up there is going to have to squawk. Which is not an unreasonable expectation for commercial birds operating BLOS and or autonomously who are theoretically the only ones that need to be integrated into the NAS to
this extent.
What is not clear is what will be required on the local (drone) side to share and act on the information.

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