vice.comImagine this: A disgruntled citizen borrows $30,000 from his credit cards. With the money he buys a sophisticated 3D printer off eBay and begins secretly printing and building a hundred drones in his garage. Then he downloads internet blueprints of 3D gun printing tech that can be adapted to arm his drones.

The terrorist decides he wants some of his drones outfitted to carry Molotov cocktails and glass containers of hydrochloric acid. He pre-programs some of the drones to shoot or crash into specific targets using over-the-counter navigation software.

Welcome to the new world of terrorism. This type of attack hasn’t happened yet, but the technology to do it is already here—and getting cheaper and more easily accessible every day.

Don’t worry. The author doesn’t stop here. There is more that is being developed, more weapons of every kind of destruction that can be had for a song. Weapons that we haven’t even thought of but that someone will imagine.
The author, a Transhumanist, believes that the Constitution, in particular the 2nd Amendment needs to be rewritten to deal with the pace of technological change that has already altered the calculus of fife, drum and musket. As Mr. Istvan points out, things are now moving so fast that not even Moore’s Law can keep up.
I have no dog in this fight and no ax to grind. But I do think the article is worth reading because the issue must be discussed. These kinds of weapons will soon be common place. And as I frequently write, the issue is not a single drone but a swarm.



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