Last week, Russia’s Ministry of Defense released a 44-second video of the prototype of a new multicopter unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) fitted with cameras and a shoulder-launched rocket system.

The drone is purportedly part of a multi-copter complex, consisting of several drones including a robotic helicopter, reconnaissance multi-copter, sentinel multi-copter, and the anti-tank assault multi-copter.

The drone complex “is called to replace [soldiers] effectively where it is possible, be it scouting, patrolling, monitoring, cartography, transportation and combat missions,” Sergey Skokov, Rostec’s deputy director general, told Russian media.

The multi-copter complex is controlled by a mobile control center, which can operate autonomously up to a week and “takes less than 15 minutes” to set up, according to RT.

Now we’re talking. There is a whole assortment of the nasty things set up for different missions with a range of 200 klicks that can operate for up to 7 days (no word on how that works.) Take a look at the action footage here. Wait until your local PD gets ahold of this thing. Chant after me, “drones are good.”


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