I’m breaking the FAA Part 107 FAQs down into these sections:

  1. General Questions,
  2. Part 61 Pilots (Sport, Recreational, Private, Commercial, ATP, but NOT Student),
  3. Non-Pilots,
  4. Those with Pending Section 333 Exemptions, and
  5. Those Who Already Have Section 333 Exemptions.
I got an email from a new reader saying that he was confused by the FAA and wanted to know if his hard earned 333 was worth the paper it was printed on. He added that “It would be a travesty, in my opinion, for all of us who did the appropriate 333 filing and were approved, to be required to go through this
[Part 107] process.”
No doubt a lot of people share this sentiment.
But instead of taking the low road and righteously fanning the flames of his discontent, I forwarded him this post from Jonathan. About as clear as it is ever likely to get. I even got a thank you note.

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