graphic map of Euripe“Drones are truly transformational technology.”

Last Friday (6 March 2015) the great and the good met in Riga, Latvia and found broad agreement on five main principles to guide a regulatory framework to allow civil drone operations throughout Europe from 2016 onwards. They issued the Riga Declaration on Remotely Piloted Aircraft (Drones) “Framing the Future of Aviation”, in which drones are described as “truly transformational technology”.

The aviation community established some key principles to guide the regulatory framework in Europe, they are:

1. Drones need to be treated as new types of aircraft with proportionate rules based on the risk of each operation.
2. EU rules for the safe provision of drone services need to be developed now.
3. Technologies and standards need to be developed for the full integration of drones into the European airspace.
4. Public acceptance is key to the growth of drone services.
5. The operator of a drone is responsible for its use.

The main principles listed in Riga Declaration on Civil RPAS (Drones) involve the necessity to ensure clear rules for manufacturers and potential users, high levels of safety, security & data protection requirements, as well as RPAS operators’ responsibility and effective information exchange.
You’ve got to think we should all be worrying and thinking about exactly the same things.
Peter Lee is a technology and drone lawyer. He works with operators, manufacturers and end users.


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