drones-plus-las-vegas-aerial-photoThe Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) is urging Congress to forgo requiring point-of-sale registrations during drone purchases as the Federal Aviation Administration considers new rules for the devices.

The Arlington, Va. based retail group said Tuesday that the drone registration requirement should not be extended to companies that sell the devices. “We were pleased to see the FAA propose an online platform for consumers to register their drones prior to use. As Transportation Secretary Foxx noted, the system has already been successful in registering over 180,000 UASs since December, and we hope that with more education, this number will continue to grow.”

RILA Senior Vice President of Legal and Regulatory Affairs Kathleen McGuigan said.“Our hope is that the final rule will also eliminate the possibility of a point-of-sale registration process, which would be costly, inefficient, and difficult to implement, while also posing significant data privacy concerns for consumers,”
she continued.

Sporting goods stores sell fishing and hunting licenses, car dealers register vehicles and transfer titles, boat dealers manage registrations etc. Once someone is out the door with their new drone it’s game over. This is gimme the money and run.

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