I had some extra time to explore the show floor on Day 3, and what stood out to me most that day was the speed of the industry. Predictions that some experts made only a few months ago already look like they’re coming true, while technology that isn’t widely available or even legal in certain countries was on full display. Innovation drives this industry, and you could see that in the headsets synonymous with VR/AR technology as well as the drone that is essentially a collection of other drones or even in a field-deployable battery swap station built into a Pelican Case. It’s not about how things are being done now, but how they will be done, and that concept will keep getting pushed forward to drive the industry as a whole.

It’s easy to get caught up in the “coolness” factor of the technology, and it’s exciting to think about all the things drones can do. At the same time though, it’s more important than ever to be able to pull back and consider real world impacts and implications. At XPONENTIAL, people on every side of the conversation seemed to be ready and willing to do just that, which is going to mean positive developments for the industry.

I’d have to check with David Meerman Scott to be sure but I suspect this comes very close to very artfully done newsjacking. Newsjacking is the fine art of taking a seemingly unrelated piece of news and making it about you and yours. In this case the writer, Jeremiah Karpowicz (whose work I much admire) works for Commercial
UAV Expo.
So the report is framed to interest commercial users. A lot of photos, write-ups on the sessions Jeremiah was able to attend, remarks about Michael Huerta and John Chamber’s keynotes – it’s all here.

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