10mar20156For the first time, the BBC has been allowed to fly a remote-controlled camera along the tunnels of Crossrail. After four months of negotiation with the Crossrail safety team, a BBC trained pilot, Jon Bontoft, was given access, along with the BBC transport team,
Richard Westcott and Jonathan Sumberg.

The giant building project will eventually see trains criss-crossing London and south-east England on a brand new line, in a project costing £14.8bn.

The BBC got permission to fly a DJI inside the new London “tube” system (that is subway for you Yanks =). This is an extraordinary infrastructure project – something like US$30B as in billion. You definitely get a sense of the scale and the potential for using UAVs to do a wide range of inspections.
There is a very cool little video. You can click on the picture to view it or click here.

From www.bbc.com

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