As the power and influence of drone technology continues to expand and ascend to new heights, far-reaching decisions will have to be made by legal experts and policymakers to determine nothing less than the fate and destiny of our American way of life.

At a minimum, we must recognize that drones though powerful and increasingly intelligent, are nothing more than instruments—neither good nor evil in and of themselves. They can be as productive and beneficial or as harmful and destructive as we—the agents who wield their awesome power—permit or direct them to be.

On the one hand, if drones’ technological power continues to expand, unrestrained by legal and social norms the consequences for our nation and our way of life, could be disastrous. On the other hand, if sound and sensible regulatory and jurisprudential changes are effectively implemented, I believe drones could be a major force for good—spurring innovation and prosperity as well supplementing our current national security apparatus as a welcomed bulwark against emerging biological weapons and terroristic threats at home and abroad making our land more safe and free.

Ultimately, the haphazard, piecemeal approach currently governing the regulation of drones is woefully inadequate to meet the task before us.

Not sure that the article breaks new ground, though I like that the way the author writes with all of the fire and conviction of someone who has yet to step foot in a courtroom.

Read more at the Harvard Law Review

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