UAVUS-300-x-90-When it comes to UAVs, people have been using them for years. Roto-wing helicopters and remotecontrol planes have been used in movies and real estate photography and other applications for years. What changed was that DJI came up with a UAV that anybody can afford.

Now you’ve got UAVs flying all over the place, with the accompanying safety issues and privacy issues. When we started UAVUS, our idea was that the place where we can have the most impact is by focusing on the user and educating the user about general aviation and best practices and making people aware of the privacy issues.

More and more clients are asking our members, the UAV operators, whether or not they have a Section 333. In a lot of cases they won’t hire someone who doesn’t. So the industry, and UAV operators, are in a holding pattern. You don’t have a lot of choices: you can go to flight school and become licensed or certified, you can hire somebody who is licensed or certified, or you can wait this out.

That’s the genesis of the association. So I come at this not as somebody with a big desire to fly UAVs, but as a content creator who wanted to hire people who
fly UAVs.

Tremendous interview with great real world perspective.


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